AwardsTo: Primary REALTOR® Members of SMAR

From: Robin Hoffman, Education & Events Director

Re: 2017 Production Awards

Date:  December 27, 2017

Information on the Awards Production Submission Process may be downloaded here.  Here is what you need to know:

  1. No paper applications will be required for Individual Residential & Team Awards.  Data for Individual and Team production will be automatically extracted from Bright MLS reports compiled by SMAR.  Comp only transactions will need to be entered into Matrix by January 22nd in order to receive credit (see instructions on page 3).  Awards will be issued based on a percentage of the overall sales price for each member. In addition, award recipients will be notified via email the week of January 29th to let them know which award they are qualified to receive. The percentage scale for both categories are found on page 4.
  2. Paper applications must be submitted for Commercial, Rookie of the Year & Hall of Fame Awards.  These applications must be received at SMAR in Hughesville by 4:30 pm on January 22nd in order to be considered.  Original or Electronic Signatures are accepted.  No fax copies will be accepted.

The goal is to earn an award based on the range of sales volume based on the entire SMAR Membership. This will help you achieve a greater level of award to reward your hard work no matter the market conditions.  In addition, having the data pulled directly from Bright MLS streamlines the process and saves paper, time and money.  

Please note: If you have any trouble entering “Comp Only” sales into Matrix, please contact Bright MLS support.  If you are not receiving proper credit for a transaction, please contact the listing agent or the listing agent’s manager for it to be corrected.

We also hope you’ll join us at our 2017 Awards Recognition Celebration in the evening on March 7th at the Jaycee’s Community Center in Waldorf.