Member involvement is essential to the mission of SMAR. Our members bring a wealth of talent and experience to the day to day operation of SMAR by serving on a committee. Committee membership is open only to SMAR members. 

Note that committees reform each year under the newly elected SMAR leadership. Committee service is actively solicited during that time, however, it may be possible to join some committees outside of the member solicitation period. Your interest in participating in a SMAR committee is always welcome. New members who join SMAR throughout the year are encouraged to consider committee service.

Committee meetings take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and are generally held at the REALTOR® Center in Hughesville. Specific meeting times are suggested as part of each committee's description; however, committee chairpersons have the option to select a different date and time. Chairpersons are asked to coordinate meeting dates with SMAR Staff.

Attendance Policy: The Committee Chair shall designate a regular time and place of meetings. Absence from three regularly scheduled meetings within a committee year (November 1 through October 31)  will result in removal from the committee.

Committee appointments are one-year in length – November 1st through October 31st. If you are currently serving on a committee and would like to volunteer again for the same committee, please let us know by completing the Committee Application Form below.

The incoming SMAR President and President-Elect appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. The Chair and Vice-Chair review and select their Committee members. Every attempt is made to appoint members to the committee(s) requested; however, in some cases such as Professional Standards and Grievance Committees, consideration is given to a balanced representation from each county, size of the firm, position in firm (principal, non-principal), real estate specialty, etc. You will receive an email SMAR confirming your committee appointment(s).

 2020-2021 Committee Chairs / Vice Chairs / Staff Liaisons
Commercial / Industrial
  • Billy Fitzgerald – Chair
  • Lillian Mattingly – Vice Chair
  • Kelly Reynolds – Staff  
Community Relations / CARE
  • Connie Lord – Chair
  • Patrick Hilwig – Vice Chair
  • Kelly Raley – Staff
  • Helen Mattingly Wernecke – Chair
  • Bernadette Cole – Vice Chair
  • Robin Hoffman – Staff
  • Tanya Redding - Chair
  • RJ Marshall - Staff
    • (Capital Improvements, Finance, Personnel)
  • Judy Szynborski – Chair
  • Carolyn Guy – Vice Chair
  • Kelly Raley – Staff
Government Affairs
  • Chris Hill – Chair
  • Camisha Barnes-Jonas – Vice Chair
  • Theresa Kuhns – VP of Government Affairs
  • Kathy Suite - Chair
  • Joan Harris – Vice Chair
  • RJ Marshall - Staff
Professional Standards
  • Jackie Alexander – Chair 
  • Carolyn Guy – Vice Chair 
  • RJ Marshall - Staff 
YPN Chapter
  • Dawn Orbits – Chair
  • Hailey Harrigan – Vice Chair
  • Kelly Reynolds – Staff