1. Complete an approved 60 hour Principles & Practices of Real Estate Course.  The Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS® offers 2 classes per year (see other tab) or you may check out the list of approved education providers on the Maryland Real Estate Commission's website.
  2. Within 1 (one) year of the Principles & Practices of Real Estate Course completion date, complete two exams through PSI Exams (a testing agency) - one focusing on national real estate laws and the other on state real estate laws.
  3. Within 1 (one) year of the PSI exam completion date, a candidate must affiliate with a real estate brokerage.
Additional Info:

Real estate remains one of the best career opportunities available.  The potential earnings in relation to the startup costs is hard to beat, yet those considering a career in real estate must not underestimate the challenges they will face in getting started.  A significant learning curve and the need for a high degree of self-motivation are just two of the many hurdles new agents face.  New agents should expect a significant period of spending before seeing any serious income - this means there may be more overhead costs associated with real estate than many realize. If you do not have a real estate partner or spouse to help support you, you may need to have money saved.

For example, most agents are self-employed and are responsible for their expenses.  A challenge comes from not receiving any income from your real estate business until your first settlement.  Until then, you have your basic business start-up fees - yes your real estate career is YOUR business.  While commission checks are exciting, you must remember what expenses you had or will have such as:

  • Marketing materials such as business cards, yard signs, etc
  • Taxes
  • Gas and car maintenance
  • MLS (multiple listing service to list and search for properties)
  • Education - 60 hours is just the beginning
  • Membership with a REALTOR® Association. While this is voluntary, membership provides many benefits.
Upcoming Classes:

Classes start February 2, 2021  


All applicants must complete the enrollment agreement and receive a course catalog from the Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS®.

Please download the materials below. 


You may choose the course and books together ($275.00) or if you already have the books, a no books option ($205.00). Please note your registration is not considered complete, even after reserving and paying online, until you have received a copy of the Course Catalog and Enrollment Agreement is returned.

Students may not enroll in a class that has already begun. Entire sessions must be completed in order to graduate from the program. See the Course Catalog for graduation requirements.

Please contact Robin Hoffman with any questions.